I am a Chilean-born artist who has researched the Mesoamerican, Andean and Amazon cultures for over 20 years, and I have been channeling this art through Sacred Power Plants. These paintings reflect the traditions of ancient rituals, which invoke the ancestral memory of the universal soul.

Sacred plants are entities of a female nature, and considered by the sages of these cultures as spiritual allies. The substances within these plants cause information currents to pass through the body, which then arouses and resonates with a cosmic awakening. These are intimately related to the procreation of life on this planet, and they bring light and love.

I have attempted to record these visions into my paintings, and they express the journey of the soul in all its vital cycles: birth, death, the celebration of life, and the transcendence to planes of ascension and liberation.

This visionary art is a form of “darshan”, because the person who contemplates the painting receives a blessing. The observer becomes the subject. There is a universal resonance with the human experience. I am expressing to something profoundly intimate and personal in this art, but in a universal way that we have all experienced.

Sacred medicinal plants act as a meditative state that stills the minds, so as to connect us with reality in all of its realms, taking us away from linear time and putting us in touch with multidimensionality.

It is my intention to deliver, through these forms and colors, a timeless and sacred message which will remain in the eye of the beholder as a unique and non-repeatable experience. This sacred art is a profound meditative experience and mystical opening.

Mariela de la Paz