Feminine Mysticism in Art — The DVD

This colorful and inspirational animation of transcendental art, synchronized to uplifting music, is a stunning collaboration of artworks by over fifty contemporary visionary artists from an assortment of spiritual traditions. The purpose of the DVD is not only to document a genre of art referred to as feminine mysticism, but also to reveal powerful images of the Divine in his/her myriad forms. The DVD gives the reader more of the genre, as we couldn’t publish all the images in one book, and includes inspirational music as well.  Not only is it an excellent promotional tool for the book, it has the potential to reach a larger audience.

Some of the contributing visual artists are Martina Hoffman, Maura Holden, Mark Henson, Daniel Mirante, Amoraea Dreamseed, Daniel Holeman, Paul Heussenstamm, Blaze Warrender, Mariela de la Paz, Francene Hart, Victoria Christian, Hrana Janto, Suzanne Deveuve and several other mind blowing transcendental artists. The musicians include Sasha Butterfly, Elijah and the Band of Light, Kan’ Nal, Montana Soul, Heather Noel, Prema Mayi, Duane Light and Susan Garret and Nancy Bloom.

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Feminine Mysticism in Art — The E-Book


This 9x12, 350 page art book is a stunning collaboration of contemporary visionary art and mystical writings from an assortment of spiritual traditions.  After ten years of hard work, Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine has evolved into an epic collaborative effort--one that has the potential to go down in history as a "must have" book for art lovers and mystics from an assortment of disciplines. The book includes over 65 contemporary visionary artists.  The artwork alone is unique, exquisite, political and provocative, communicating a message of hope for the postmodern era.  In addition, the diversity of writings by experts in women's spirituality, mysticism, eco-feminism, transcendental art and transpersonal psychology provide a conceptual foundation for the images.

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